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Warranty description and principles:

一、Mobile Protective sleeve/Shell:
1、In the first half of the year use of the period, such as the product is damaged ( Mobile protection products for electrical products, only the presence of non-human appearance damage ), the company technical staff confirmed to be in itOften used in the case, the company will provide repair or replacement, warranty period of the certificate of purchase date.
2、Repair or replacement when required to produce a valid proof of purchase, otherwise we may not provide after sale service.
3、Three guarantees national policy is to give customers the basic legal rights, in the use of this right to local dealers to show proof of purchase to be effective.
二、Other products (not yet listed, look forward to )
三、The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:
1、As a result of improper use or intentionally causing damage to the product
2、Any replacement or repair of any component products
3、Use or dirt into products or natural environment causing damage
三、The company has the right to edit any repair and warranty terms without prior notice.

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