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Development of the lithium-ion battery should Japan "learn"
    The lithium ion battery from concept to industry for 14 years, then industrialization time has been 20 years, small battery technology is already very mature, market saturation; lithium ion battery outlet is large, can improve the utilization rate of energy; now the single electrical cores can achieve 40~60AH, radiation is the main problem.
     A large battery of two main markets: power storage and power battery, its customers are mainly government and big business, very high barriers to entry. Energy storage technology is not the problem, is mainly the cost; power battery charge once the mileage of 160 kilometers of the limited market demand, 300-400 km will have the market, 5 years will launch the mileage of 300 km to reach power battery. From the next few years development looks, hybrid cars market, but no domestic technology, " electric vehicle technology development " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " special plan " also began to pay attention to technical research and development, still need longer time; nickel-metal hydride battery in a hybrid vehicle has the market, is mainly a technical and cost considerations.
      In subsidies, subsidies for new energy vehicles in Japan for the amount of the purchase price of 1/6~1/5, is divided into a few years subsidies, and not one step; not only can reduce the financial pressure and can monitor consumer usage, which is worth our country government learn.
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