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Mobile battery pollution environmental road long way to go
    To the earth we live, environmental protection is an eternal topic. With the ecological environment worsening, as the general public, and learned to " PM 2.5 " such a more specialized vocabulary, so reducing automobile exhaust, the use of recycled paper, use less disposable chopsticks and other initiatives have also become a lot of people do a contribution to environmental protection. But many of my friends are not clear, we eliminated the waste Mobile battery to the environment harm is very serious.
     With the outbreak of the growth of Mobile users as well as Mobile replacement pace accelerate, people change the Mobile frequency is also more and more quickly, some people even a few months for a new Mobile. To enjoy the technology can bring pleasure, Mobile waste quantity is also increasing, many people are not aware of the old Mobile and abandoned Mobile battery how to handle. However, the waste Mobile Mobile battery is the largest source of pollution, a piece of waste battery can pollute 60000 liters of water, the equivalent of 3 standard swimming pool. It is understood, used Mobile part contains lead, cadmium, mercury and other harmful substances, if directly discarded, it will seriously pollute the soil and groundwater. A Mobile waste battery pollution intensity is 100 times the ordinary dry batteries can be seriously contaminated, 60000 litres of water. If the Mobile waste transported to the landfill incineration, plastic shell will produce chlorine toxic substances, even is a carcinogen " ". Mobile printed circuit board and a casing containing brominated flame retardants, can damage human health, causing thyroid dysfunction, endocrine disorders and neural, immune system problems.
      So establishing and perfecting relevant laws and regulations system, waste Mobile into management regulations, so as to formulate the " Mobile waste recycling management implementation details" and specific policy, has become the most pressing needs. Clear management responsibilities, set up by the government to guide, Mobile manufacturers, operators, distributors and recycling business cooperation, set Mobile production, sales, recycling and reproduction of the benign loop mechanism, strengthen the Mobile of every link of cooperation and resources sharing. At the same time energetically punish the recycling of waste Mobile market chaos, resolutely banned undocumented recovery and dispose of waste Mobile outlets, making Mobile waste recycling operation evaluation, standard system, recycling of waste Mobile after centralized management, avoid renovation into the market, safeguard rights and interests of consumers from harm.
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