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Address:Building B6,Feng Tang Industrial Area, Fucheng ao,Pinghu Town,Shenzhen
    Shenzhen SOT Investments Co.,Ltd Located in the Shenzhen Longgang financial center, electronic science and Technology Talent Aggregation -- Shenzhen Pinghu auxiliary city col Tong Feng Industrial Zone, traffic is very convenient. The company by virtue of capital, technology and management of the perfect combination, the rapid development of the company, independent research and development of " SOT " " force power " " Galaxy Power " good " Bo " brand of high capacity battery business, with its excellent product quality and good reputation, at home and abroad by the majority of users love and praise. The company also undertake OEM and ODM.
       Company brings together a large number of lithium-ion batteries in the domestic technology professionals in the field, master and have the lithium ion battery produced by advanced technology and core technology, exclusive introduction of low temperature injection integrated manufacturing technology, to the greatest possible to optimize battery available space, truly realize the many types of 30% higher capacity than original battery, stand-by time beyond the original amazing results! The R & D and production process of the pursuit of each procedure strict: all batteries are used in domestic and foreign well-known new A-grade batteries ( many types of our custom mold, enjoy the exclusive right to use ), all batteries have to go through 3 days at 45 degrees C oven high temperature processing, all products from raw materials to finished products are 6 quality inspection procedures, to ensure that all products manufactured before 100% pass rate!
        I companies adhere to the " Sincerity-oriented, credibility first, quality first" principle, wholeheartedly for the general new and old customer service. The spirit of " decide the success or failure of quality, integrity casting the future! " Business principles, to provide customers with the most competitive products, striving for international brands.
        Our aim is: "quality and service in exchange for your trust and support, mutual benefit, and create a win-win situation! "

   In your life, thinking the tree, drinking water think of its source!

        When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. The company's development is inseparable from the agents of the strong support and love! Is inseparable from the efforts of staff struggle and forge ahead! To express my heartfelt thanks to SOT with a heart of Thanksgiving in the! SOT thank you all the way!
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